Angola: Minister of State calls for environmental education


Luanda – The Minister of State for Social Affairs, Carolina Cerqueira, on Wednesday stressed the need to promote actions aimed at the preservation and conservation of species, fauna and flora and, above all, environmental education .

The minister, who was speaking at the presentation ceremony of the new Minister of Culture, Tourism and the Environment, considers that these are subjects that should be included in the daily life of the population, especially young people. , both in rural and urban areas, so that the environment can be an engine of sustainable development in all its dimensions.

On the tourism sector, Carolina Cerqueira, who called on employees to make efforts to develop skills and talents to boost the actions of the ministry, hopes that it (tourism) will be able to create wealth for the Gross Domestic Product , guarantee jobs for young people and be an important source of income and dissemination of the country’s image abroad.

According to her, the greatness of the country does not lie only in its natural resources and its beautiful landscapes, but also in the cordiality of the people, their generosity, their humility and their great spirit of a developed, harmonious and peaceful Angola.

In turn, the new Minister of Culture, Tourism and Environment, Filipe Zau, has declared that he will work for the growth of the sector in a systemic way, starting with a diagnosis and then drawing lines of development, praising the spirit of unity.

“What I bring you is the desire to work as closely as possible. We have major positions not only in the cultural field, but also in the environment and tourism (…)”, a- he declared.

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