ATP expands its reach in environmental education



ATP environmental education lesson held at the Armenian Youth Community Center in Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Armenia Tree Project (ATP) continues to expand its reach through its environmental education programs in different parts of the world. More recently, ATP held its first course in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. He also collaborates with the Armenia Academy at Blair High School in California.

In Rostov-on-Don, the third largest Armenian community in Russia, an environmental education lesson was held for schoolchildren at the Armenian Community Youth Center, the Armenian Sunday School of the Armenian Youth Community on the gift. Representatives of the board of directors of the youth organization, including Gevork Grigoryan, who is also an ATP ambassador in the community, were in attendance.

The lesson was conducted by local teachers and designed by trainers from ATP Environmental Education. It included demonstrations on planting trees and important ecological information. The children were delighted to receive ATP t-shirts, Building Bridges newsletters, gifts, as well as seeds to grow at home and later plant at the Armenian Church in Bolshiye Saly.

“In a few decades, children will grow up, just like the trees they will plant. This beautiful tradition will be part of their life, ”said teacher Tsovinar Sargsyan.

The community will be hosting another lesson soon. The lesson will focus on the incredible life of bees. The ATP environmental education team in Yerevan plans to send honey and educational posters made by the students of the “Eco-Club”.

Meanwhile, in California, the Blair High School Armenian Academy celebrates and commemorates its establishment as the first Armenian Academy in the United States by planting 50 trees in Armenia via ATP, one for each student in the inaugural class. The trees will be planted in Ashtarak Park in Armenia, which is maintained by the children of the environmental education program.

The Armenian Academy of Blair High School in Pasadena was established in August 2020 in response to community interest in the district offering an Armenian Bilingual High School option. The program provides a unique opportunity to expand the bilingual and literacy academic options of the Pasadena Unified School District. Blair High School is the district’s first bilingual Armenian immersion program.

ATP weaves education and awareness through all of its programs, nurturing the next generation of empowered environmental stewards. Whether taught in Armenia or in schools around the world, ATP’s interactive programs aim to raise the environmental awareness of every student with the hope that responsible behavior and sustainable practices become an integral part of their lives. The goal is to continue to expand the reach of environmental education courses in different communities around the world.


Armenia Tree Project (ATP) is a non-profit program based in Woburn and Yerevan that carries out vitally important environmental projects in cities and towns of Armenia and seeks support to advance its reforestation mission. Since 1994, ATP has planted and restored over 6,000,000 trees, and hundreds of jobs have been created for Armenians through seasonal tree-related programs.


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