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Created: 12 Feb. 2022 07:22

Children learn about the natural environment at WindReach (Photograph provided)

A charity has hired a Bermudian agricultural expert to deliver educational and therapeutic programs.

Omari Dill, agronomist, soil and plant specialist, is responsible for the environmental education program WindReach.

Mr. Dill said: “We are exploring the many fun, useful and creative ways to interact with our natural environment.

“One of my recent preschool lesson plans was about sticks. Children are often told how dangerous playing with sticks is and discouraged from picking them up altogether.

“At WindReach, we encourage play with sticks and demonstrate their safe, fun, and appropriate use.

“Students were encouraged to use the sticks and mud collected around the natural environment of WindReach to build animal shelters like the ones our therapy animals live in, and also as natural building blocks, developing fine motor skills .”

Mr Dill added: “There is also an emphasis on gardening, to help our participants become directly involved in the cycles that govern the natural world, as we encourage them to become a key part of the development of our landscape. through the seasons.

“Participants are involved in ‘seed to table’ activities, arts and crafts with natural elements, animal interactions and adventures around our natural environment which is home to trees and trails and which supports an abundance of creatures flying above us, crawling by our side or slipping under our feet.”

A spokeswoman for the Warwick-based charity, founded to provide outdoor activities for people with disabilities, said: ‘Our main aim is to raise awareness of the appropriate use of our environment and to maintain and increase biodiversity, so that our participants and visitors leave with a greater appreciation for the local and global environment.

She added that lessons included identifying plants for food and medicine as well as toxicity and different native, endemic and invasive species.

WindReach expands its programs (Photograph provided)

Charity teaches children about their surroundings (Photograph provided)

For more information visit WindReach here or check out windreachbermuda on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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