Coca-Cola and TFP launch an environmental education project



Through the partnership of The Coca-Cola Philippines Foundation and Teach for the Philippines, environmental education modules will be brought online for greater reach and a more flexible learning experience for students, teachers and parents. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

THE Philippines, like much of the world, faces not only the ongoing pandemic, but a persistent waste management problem as well. Hoping to contribute to local solutions, Coca-Cola Philippines – through its social investment arm Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines – is partnering with Teach for the Philippines (TFP) on a program that encourages and educates teachers, students and families to become responsible environmental stewards.

“The saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ extends to children’s behavior towards their environment and communities. Our Foundation recognizes the importance of collaborative efforts to train young citizens committed to environmental protection, ”said Cécile Alcantara, President of Coca-Cola Philippines Foundation. “In 2019, we supported the deployment of TFP’s Batang Bayani environmental education modules to hundreds of students. students and communities.

Through the ongoing partnership with TFP – an organization that works to ensure that all Filipino children can benefit from an inclusive, relevant and excellent education – Coca-Cola is supporting the migration of its three modules on environmental education to various delivery channels alternative. These include chat and text-based discussion guides, self-study modules and session worksheets, as well as video instruction guides for online broadcasting.

During the 2019-2020 school year, modules developed by TFP under its Batang Bayani program were used to educate 520 students and 52 parents on topics such as recycling for students, segregation for students and recycling and segregation for parents. These same modules have been adapted for distance learning and flexible. As a result, they were used to reach 1,730 students and 291 parents, surpassing the initial target of reaching 600 public school students and 100 public school teachers and parents.

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