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Environmental education

It is necessary to sensitize the population to the promotion of natural conservation and environmental protection

Posted on Dec 15 2021 | Author RASHID WANI

With the ever growing population of Jammu and Kashmir, there is a need to empower people on the choices they have to make regarding the management and sustainable use of natural resources and to think about environmental education. To be effective, environmental education must address the range of interests of both young and old, in rural and urban communities, and must target the immediate needs and concerns of people, thereby providing them with the opportunity to understand and intervene, which will ultimately lead to environmental conservation.

Environmental education should aim to strengthen both human and institutional capacities in natural conservation and environmental protection through the promotion of environmental education and awareness within various social structures. . There is a Chinese perception of education that says “if you plan for a year, plant rice, if you plan for ten years, plant trees, but, if you plan for a hundred years, educate the people.” From this perspective, education is now seen as a higher-order investment that will become an asset in the times to come.

The current circumstances offer us the opportunity to have an introspection on our role, the encompassing of human resources, the institutional infrastructure and a mix of regional and national action plans to sensitize people to the promotion of natural conservation. and environmental protection. The art of living is a concept much more global than the simple acquisition of knowledge, therefore the need of the hour is to educate the child on the importance of the environment from his childhood.

Childhood is compared to a triangle. The top, which is the child, is also affected by the two lower angles that are teachers and parents. We must see that children must hear good things, see good things and do good things. Children need to be trained to lead their lives in the most frightening way possible, which is only possible in schools. One school forms the largest organized sector to undertake such a noble effort to save planet Earth and humanity from the clutches of death.

Most people recognize the urgent need for environmental education, but only a few have clear ideas about what actually needs to be done, few have the expertise and knowledge about their goals. Thus, we must rely on other institutions in society to transmit environmental knowledge.

(The author is a columnist and educator}

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