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PANAJI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that unemployment is a critical issue, but for places like Goa, the environment issue is central. Congress will resist the three linear projects and will not allow Goa to be turned into a coal hub, Gandhi said during a media interaction on Friday.
“We are not going to allow Goa to become a coal hub as it is not in the interest of the state. Congress is against the three linear projects. We will resist the idea of ​​projects just as we opposed the farm laws. We will not let them happen,” said Gandhi, adding that some may wonder how a state Congress government will do it when the projects are decided by the Union government.
He said the Congress government will focus on turning Goa into an IT and knowledge hub so that young Goans can get jobs in the IT industry.
“We are going to allow legal and sustainable mining. This will open large numbers of jobs to the people of Goa. Tourism is a huge asset that Goa has. I’ve spoken to different stakeholders in the tourism industry and I have a plan to completely rejuvenate the tourism industry,” Gandhi said, replying to a query about how his party will create job opportunities.
Stating that the party has not taken a wrong decision by denying tickets and entry to defectors, he said Congress will get a majority and “will act immediately” to form the next government.
In the 2017 election, Congress, with 17 MLAs, was the single-largest party but delayed in formulating a plan to form an alliance government. “This time, we are going to get a solid majority, and we are going to act immediately to ensure that we have a government in Goa. We won’t fall short. We will be above the majority mark with ease,” Gandhi said.
Congress has been in a pre-poll alliance with the regional party GFP, and has shared three seats with it for the 40-member Goa legislative assembly.

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