The environmental education program back in action in 2022


North Cowichan’s environmental education program returned to elementary grades this past school year.

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, approximately 300 students in grades 1-7 have participated in online courses focused on learning about climate change and associated impacts on local species at risk.

One of the learning activities was to make a short public service video for the annual Friends of the Environment competition. Students created videos focusing on an animal species at risk in British Columbia, how this species is affected by climate change, and what steps can be taken to help protect the species.

One winner from each class was selected to win a symbolic animal adoption kit from the World Wildlife Foundation. The following winners were announced and celebrated at the July 20 board meeting:

Grade 3: Johanna and Nevai (Mt. Prevost School) Grizzly Bears

Grade 4: A student in Mrs. Smith’s class (Drinkwater Elementary) Western Toad

Grade 5: A student in Mrs. Smith’s class (Drinkwater Elementary) Western Toad

Grade 6: Sam (Elementary Drinkwater) Pika

Grade 7: Everest (Elementary Drinkwater) – Pika

“The municipality has long recognized the importance of educating young people about environmental issues and it was a pleasure to hear staff talk about their work with students this year,” said Mayor Al Siebring.

“The goal of the environmental education program is to raise awareness of relevant environmental issues while inspiring future generations of leaders. The videos we watched today, I’m sure, are just the beginning for these brilliant kids.

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