University not concerned about policy inconsistency on environmental issues


A university professor, Professor Christian Madu, has expressed concern about the inconsistency of policies on environmental issues affecting the country.

Madu, a professor of environmental management and monitoring at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), said in Enugu on Monday.

He expressed concern over the ongoing massive logging and deforestation in all parts of the country as more and more Nigerians turn to firewood and charcoal for household use.

It should be recalled that the recent development is a direct consequence of the rise in the price of a liter of kerosene between N750 and N800, while a kilogram of cooking gas is between N850 and N900 nationally.

Madu said there are many reasons for policy inconsistency in the country’s environment sector, but the major problem is that government policies are out of sync.

“We are proposing conflicting policies and practices at different sub-national and departmental levels that are different from central or national policy.

“It will take good leadership to look at how different units of government can work to achieve a common goal on environmental issues,” he said.

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