What is the maximum amount for a zero rate credit loan?

The zero-rate loan, most commonly called PTZ 2016, has seen income caps increase, and can now Ananser up to 40% of the transaction amount. Since the beginning of 2016, the maximum borrowing amount by a person eligible for the zero-rate credit allows Ananser’s most modest budgets part of their principal residence, whether new housing, old housing with works or social housing under conditions. The government has increased the rates applied for each zone and each category of capped amounts of operation. Review of details.

Housing rate

zero-rate loan

2016 can not Ananser more than 40% of the amount of the operation when the housing is new or if it is old and requires heavy work.

For the Anansement of a social housing, the borrowed amount represents a maximum of 10% of the amount of the operation.

This percentage – called housing rate – is fixed according to the type of housing (new, old, social) and zoning, that is to say the geographical area in which this housing is located.

The maximum amount

money amount

To define the amount PTZ borrowed, are taken into account the following points:

  • the housing quota fixed according to the geographical location of the dwelling;
  • the number of people who will occupy the dwelling as a principal residence;
  • the amount of the transaction : are included in the total cost of the transaction agency fees, development tax, liability and damage insurance, local equipment tax and all taxes related to construction, the surveyor’s fees, the amount of expenses related to the works. On the other hand, are excluded the possible expenses related to the other mortgages contracted for Ananser this accommodation, the notary fees and the registration fees.

For example, the amount of the transaction used to determine PTZ + entitlements is, according to the number of persons, capped as follows:

  • PTZ ceiling of € 150,000 to € 345,000 for housing located in zone A;
  • PTZ amount of € 135,000 to € 311,000 for a dwelling located in zone B1;
  • PTZ ceiling of 110,000 to 253,000 € for a dwelling located in zone B2;
  • maximum amount of PTZ from € 100,000 to € 230,000 for housing located in zone C.

Fixed by decree, this ceiling amount of the operation (commonly referred to as the PTZ ceiling or PTZ amount) is initially determined for a single person living in the dwelling. Then it is multiplied by the family coefficient so that all the other maximum amounts of the operation are determined, and which will be used to define the capital to be borrowed by the first-time buyer.

PTZ ceiling 2016

With the reworking of the PTZ, the resource ceiling was also changed and took effect on January 1, 2016 . It takes into account, on the one hand, the number of people expected to live in the dwelling as a principal residence, and on the other hand, the different geographical zones, namely zones A, B1, B2 and C. The regulatory table of Zero-rate credit resource ceilings are available on the public service website.

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